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Dale Anthony Girard (SAG-AFTRA) is a Canadian-American action director and stunt coordinator with over 35 years of experience developing and executing unique and exciting action sequences for the big and small screen. Currently based in the American southeast, Dale serves as coordinator for the North Carolina Stuntmen’s Association. Having a strong theatrical background, Dale’s work is not the stereotypical punch-ups, crashes and burns of the trade  – it is cinematic storytelling where his distinctive action sequences serve the story and help further the character’s narrative. His artistic approach to the craft of stunt work can be seen in such films as One & Two, Shifting Gears, Eyeborgs, Fall Down Dead, Little Chicago, Sleeping Around, Susie’s Hope, The Key Man, The Trial and the critically acclaimed Junebug. Dale’s collaborative spirit and creative process as an “action artist” have allowed him to bring his creative vision to over 100 projects in Film, Television and Commercials.

As a stunt performer, Dale has done it all – fights, falls, fire, etc. Starting in B level martial arts movies, Dale has fought with the likes of Grandmaster Bobby Kim and Julian Lee (Gold medalist of the first Korean National Taekwondo Championship). Honing his craft, he expanded from film fights to vehicle bailouts, high falls, wire work and fire stunts. Some of his favorite stunts include fighting Indiana Jones, being set on fire and performing a flaming high fall for the halftime show of Superbowl XXIX, bailing out of the back of a pickup truck careening into a ravine (Edge of Honor), a 72’ descender fall (Eyeborgs), racing and wrecking cars (Shifting Gears), and stunt doubling the actor Hugo Weaving (Key Man).

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